Neuro-Linguistic Programming
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Can't Sleep

When you can't get to sleep, or anytime you want to relax, run this program. Select from the colors below, then click on the grid to build a picture. The point is not to create great artwork. Just doodle around, let you mind be free, and enjoy! This creates a soothing hypnotic state.

Hints and Tips

If the grid doesn't look right - not evenly spaced, or the lines are of varying thickness, reset the zoom level of your browser to 100%.

If you want to save your picture, from within Windows you can press [Alt] + [Print Screen], from within OS X press [Command] + [Shift] + [4], then drag mouse to select the picture, or a similar key combination from within other operating systems. The picture will be saved to the clipboard, and you can pick it up and save it in your favorite paint or photo editing program.