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Induction - This is the process of relaxing the subject so that the subconscious mind can be more easily accessed. Induction is generally started after a well-formed outcome has been determined. The subject is asked for permission to be hypnotized. Often, an explanation of the process is given, along with assurances that the subject will still be in full control. Then, typically with a calm, quiet, steady voice, the programmer speaks in a series of generalities about the environment and the subject's mental state, inducing a condition where the subject is relaxed, and the conscious mind is less likely to interfere with analysis, counter-exampling, resistance, and such activities. Induction is a safe process. There is probably no way to leave a subject in a state from which the subject cannot voluntarily 'wake up.' However, once hypnotized, the suggestions offered by the programmer can have a variety of positive or negative effects. Most severely negative effects are easily overridden by the subject's conscious mind upon awakening, and therefore are powerless.

The experienced, well-intentioned programmer can sometimes bring about remarkable changes. Overcoming mild addictions and improvements in health - often to the amazement of medical doctors - have been frequently documented.

Internal Computation - What a person is thinking. We can never be sure what a person is thinking, but sometimes by calibrating the external manifestations, we can come up with pretty good guesses.

Internal State - What a person is experiencing - generally feeling. We can never be sure what a person is experiencing, but sometimes by calibrating the external manifestations, we can come up with pretty good guesses.

Isomorphic - Isomorphic in NLP means a state or situation that is similar to or closely relates to another. A programmer often looks for an isomorphic relationship between an adult hehavior, and a belief formed in childhood.

A child was once cussed at and given 'the finger' by a road worker when she came too close to a construction site. Now she has trouble relating to all men because subconsciously she believes they'll give her 'the finger,' which according to her childhood belief, is a very dangerous situation. So, the childhood belief, and the inability to relate well with men, is isomorphic.

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