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Jeff's Blog

February 20, 2013: Added worldwide Courses, Training, Schools Direcotry. It is by no means complete, but off to a good start, I think.
February 18, 2013: Added 6 Ways to Make Money with NLP to the sitemap.
February 8, 2013: Added 6 Ways to Make Money with NLP. And that's not the end of it. I plan to refine the article and add more ways in the near future.
February 3, 2013: I have made several subtle changes throughout NLP50 to improve SEO - Search Engine Optimization. You may discover slightly reworded titles on several of the pages. Most of the other changes are not visible, but should bring many more visitors to this website.
January 31, 2013: Added sitemap.
January 30, 2013: Added site-wide search capability.
January 29, 2013: Started nlpppt.com, an NLP introduction, which will eventaully become a PowerPoint presentation linked to this site.
January 24, 2013: Created a submenu called NLP Tools. This is a subset of the main NLP50 main page, so that people looking specifically for the software can find it more easily.
January 22, 2013: I've been working on another site, Odd50.com, this week, but did take a few minutes to fix some typos here at NLP50.
January 18, 2013: Added A Metaphor for Long-Term Persistence.
January 14, 2013: I had written about the Family Dinner Table pattern quite some time ago, but discovered that I had forgotten to include a link to it from the home page.
January 13, 2013: Added six more descriptionss to the A to Z area.
January 13, 2013: Added the Double and Triple Bind section.
January 13, 2013: Added this blog section.