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NLP Reframing

This little interactive tool, called the Reframer, uses NLP reframing to overcome blocks, understand things in new ways, or solve problems with your own creative solutions. So deceptively simple that it takes only a minute to learn, you'll find it can often deliver almost magical results with just a bit of practice. Play around and see what happens!

1. Enter a descriptive phrase or sentence.

2. Select a word from the sentence above.

 3. Click the Go button repeatedly until the image or text trigger unique new thoughts.

 Optional: Select a category.

 Optional: Set up an example.

Hints and Tips

For Comedy:
Enter a descriptive sentence with at least two nouns. Instead of 'he' or 'she,' use an actual name, ideally, someone who is currently looking at the screen with you.

For Creativity:
With most word categories, random images appear with each click of the Go button. These images are intentionally unrelated in order to allow your mind to create new connections.

For Problem Solving:
Enter a brief description of your situation. Consider changing verbs and adjectives as much as nouns. You may discover that thinking about a randomly displayed picture, along with your changed situation, can evoke an excellent solution.

For Poetry:
Select the Rhyme category. Words that rhyme with the one you have selected will be displayed.

To Create a Word or Name:
Brand new words or names will be crafted to replace the word you have selected. Some will be quite silly, but some may be just what you're looking for.

For Cooking:
Enter a phrase or sentence about food, perhaps a recipe, maybe a cooking idea. Select a food noun from your sentence. Select the Food word category. Let the results trigger your culinary imagination.

For All Uses:
Allow for poor grammar. You may need to be patient. Keep clicking Go until you get a result you like. Changing a word here and there from time to time can be useful.

To Go Back:
If you want to revisit an earlier result, click the Log button.

Compound Words:
You may find that the Compound Words category offers great food for thought in many situations.

Sometimes you only want a new word. There is no need to enter any text. You can just select a category and then start pressing Go.

For Confusion:
Just play with the Reframer and let your mind wander. You might also try the [PQ] button which brings you to the Power Questions. Answer the twelve questions as truthfully as you can, and expect great revelations!

While you may have great results right away, the more you play with it, the more you'll understand how to make the most of The Reframer.

NLP Reframing

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