NLP Tools

Free Interactive Neuro-Linguistic Programming Tools
by Jeff Napier, copyright 2013,


The Reframer
Come up with your own creative solutions
The VAK Game
A fun little interactive game to help you remember eye accessing positions
The Power Questions
A fully automated mini-NLP session.
Check it out!
Can't Sleep
A simple program for when you want to relax
The Inspirator
Set up a scenario somewhat like a family constellation.
The Subliminal Suggester
Let this random picture show break you out of looped thinking.
Multiple-Choice Test Game
Have fun testing your knowledge.
Even More
coming soon!
NLP information, videos, techniques & more.

NLP Tools in More Detail

The Reframer - The reframer is a creativity engine that you can use to become more resourceful, poetic, funny, inventive, even overcome blocks. Drawing from a variety of diverse fields such as psychology, NLP, English composition and artificial intelligence, the Reframer is deceptively simple. Whether you're doing homework, writing a novel, drafting a technical presentation, or preparing an important speech, it can often deliver near-magical results with just a bit of practice. It's also unexpected fun for everyone. Play around and see what happens!

The VAK Game - Let President Barack Obama help you learn eye accessing positions with this fun little game.

The Power Questions - This little wizard is almost like an automated NLP practitioner. It will ask you twelve questions. Answer those questions as honestly as you can, and expect positive change! Can't Sleep - A simple little program for when you can't get to sleep, or any time you want to relax. Note, that this works best with 100% page zoom. If you shrink or expand your web page view, it may not look quite right.

The The Inspirator - Set up a scenario with simple background and avatars that work somewhat like a Dr. Burt Helinger-style family constellation. The avatars will take on a life of their own, and may surprise you with the revelations they can deliver. This works in all browsers, but looks just a bit odd in Internet Explorer - the action buttons don't quite align right. (To be repaired soon.)

The Subliminal Suggester - Let the images that this simple adjustable specialized show presents give you great new insights!

Multiple-Choice Test Game - Test your NLP knowledge with this fun little game.

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