Neuro-Linguistic Programming
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by Jeff Napier, copyright 2011-2017

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NLP50: Neuro-Linguistic Programming

What is NLP? ? 
The VAK Game
A fun little interactive game to help you remember eye accessing positions
NLP Wiki
Courses, Training,
Schools Directory

A worldwide list of places to learn NLP
The Criticism Ratio 32 
 Physical Pain  P
Ask Yourself
A fully automated mini-NLP session.
Check it out!
World's Fastest NLP Session ! 
The Dark Side of NLP
The Law of Attraction in Action
A Typical Session
All About Eye Movement
A New Metaprogram Perceptual Positions
Dealing with an undesirable person
Cinch a Job Interview
Can't Sleep
A simple program for when you want to relax

Speaking Metaphorically

Six Step Reframing 6 
NLP Videos
Creative Listening
Three Crazy Words
Cause and Effect
Bert Hellinger Quiz
The Inspirator
Set up a scenario somewhat like a family constellation.
The Subliminal Suggester
Let this random picture show break you out of looped thinking.
Multiple-Choice Test Game
Have fun testing your knowledge.
Double and Triple Binds 2-3 
NLP  Tools T
Family Dinner Table
An advanced 30-step technique
A Metaphor for Persistence
Also great for someone who keeps doing the same thing and expecting different results
Milton Erickson Quiz
15 Ways To Make Money with NLP: Businesses You Can Start, Even With Little Time, Experience or Money
A Magical Ending