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NLP Videos

YouTube is a great source of NLP and related videos. Some are excellent. Yet, many are pointless, only sell NLP services, or are inaccurate. I've got this page so loaded up with useful and interesting videos that you may have to wait a minute or two for it to download. Enjoy! - Jeff

John Grinder, co-founder on NLP, on modeling, one of the major aspects of NLP, and then on how NLP has evolved from modeling.
The great British showman, Derren Brown, uses hypnotic suggestion to the extreme.
Tony Robbins quickly demonstrates the power of metaphors.

A demonstration of eye accesses.
Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, talking about using pictures to enhance memory, among other things.
Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP on "What is NLP?"

A hilarious dissertation on anchoring.
Finding resources and anchoring them in conversation.
Collapsing anchors.

Milton Erickson, Sleight of Mouth, and utilizing existing resources.
Advanced language patterns - Tag Sentences.
Influence with voice tone.

Hypnotic Nested Loops - Stories within Stories.
"Mapping Across" (Swish Pattern) - with Tad and Adriana James
Say Anything You Like in Quotes.

How Things Get Stuck.
Michelle Masters on the power of metaphors.
How to Become Successful. Whereas presenter Les Brown is probably not trained in NLP, you'll discover a lot of NLP in this speech.

Using the right phrase at the right time.
Are we in control of our decisions?
This guy shows through his physical skills why we're all interested in NLP!
















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